A Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) quantifies Greenhouse Gas emissions of a product along its value chain. Find out how you can improve your products!  

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A PCF quantifies GHG emissions of products, taking into account materials used, energy consumed, transports, use of the product and the end of life. 

Knowing the emissions and subsequently, the hotspots in your products are the basis for reducing GHG emissions. 

A PCF can also be used for communicating improvements to your clients. 

An Organizational Carbon Footprint (OCF) analyzes the Greenhouse Gas emissions of your entire company. Learn where you can improve the most! 

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OCF takes the approach of a carbon footprint and applies it to an entire organization. It creates an inventory of GHG emissions of an organization, taking into account all sites or business units and their respective emissions. 

It also allows for analyzing the impact of improvement measures on the overall organizational performance and can contribute to your Environmental Management System by providing valuable information. 

Interested in more than Greenhouse Gas emissions? Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) provides you with a holistic picture of the environmental impact of products. 

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LCA is an established method to quantify environmental impacts along the entire value chain of a product. It can be the basis to design more eco-friendly products, to identify reduction potentials or to compare your products with others. 

There is always more to know. In our Sustainability Training courses we help you build capacity to become more sustainable! 

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 Build critical capacities in your organization to improve the implementation of sustainability aspects in everyday business! We help you by providing trainings on a range of topics, such as 

  • Product Sustainability
  • Carbon Footprints
  • Life Cycle Assessment

We can also provide custom made trainings. Get in touch to learn more. 

Interested in the full picture? With our EcoPlex method we assess the eco-efficiency of your product portfolio, based on your environmental targets as well as environmental and economic properties of all your products. 

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  EcoPlex is a method developed by our experts that analyzes the performance of all products and their contribution to the success of the organization in a holistic framework. 

It builds on LCA, economic properties of products and environmental targets of a company. 

Find out which products are eco-efficient, evaluate improvement measures in the organizational context and make the best decisions to set your company on a more sustainable course!